Make the Stories menu more prominent

Hi team I'm just going through the Hijacks for the Medway Open Day this Saturday (16/10, 10am - 2pm) and have been meaning to mention this for a while but it's been too busy! With the bigger panel, you can now fit in more text (great!!) but when it comes to Stories, you have one YT video in the panel, then a big expanse of white space before you realise you can see more stories by clicking on the 'View all stories' at the bottom of the panel. Is there scope to be able to add more videos so the panel is visibly more filled with content? I don't think there should be any more than three, but then you could have a 'top three' - in our case that would be more thn doable. The visitors eye would then be drawn naturally down the panel where the 'view more' button would be, and it would show there was more than one video to view - at the moment it can look as though the video showing is the only one available. Best wishes Clare