✨ Hijack 2.10 - New ways in


  • Can now open experience with any element that has the class ovent-open-experience


  • If the chat is longer than a day, we no longer show the 5 minute till chat ends warning


  • Removed dot from the timeline of non-tour videos, as this was a confusing UX

Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 15.06.41.png

Content Flow
Content Flow 2.4.3 - Minor bug fixes


  • Author is now set to the user creating the post
  • Fixed type error in get_nice_post_object
  • Fixed type error in get_nice_post_object
Hijack 2.9 - Question Assignment v1, Contextual Contacts & Story Nicenames

New Features

  • Allow a user to assign a question to another user
  • Contextual contacts, contact links can now have a short description adding more context
  • Stories now have nicenames, allowing for internal & external naming conventions
  • Video loading animation for slower internet connections

Question Assignment Screenshot.png

Content Flow
Content Flow 2.4 - Scheduled Archiving Extension

New Features

  • Adds a tab in the dashboard if the scheduled archiving plugin is enabled
  • Only shows for editors & admins

image (3).png

💬 Hijack 2.8 - Nicenames & message customisation

New Features

  • Added customisable & dismissible chat will end in 5 minutes message
  • Added chat has ended message & title

Hijack 2.8 Screenshot.png

Quality of life updates for Hijack - available now!

We've released version 2.7.0 of Hijack, bringing lots of minor enhancements. This release also paves the way for monthly releases to Hijack.

New Features

  • Added new switch to skip the intro & go straight to chapter one if there is no intro video.
  • If there is only one chapter we no longer show the discover menu
  • Removed the return to intro if there is no intro or no Discover tab or there is only one chapter.
  • Q&A: Hijack backend chat now differentiates between global updates and regular chats.
  • Q&A: Added multiline comment support for backend chat
  • Q&A: Added popup for simple editing of a comment
  • Q&A: Added popup for adding global update (legacy editor be gone!)
  • Q&A: Added question search that searches children and parent questions and returns the parent in the sidebar
  • Q&A: Added the framework for filters and added an "Asked Today" filter


  • Controller will now use transform instead of max-width, when toggled, this fixes a bug that would cause the controller height to be visually smaller when toggled closed then back open.
  • Deleting messages now correctly updates the chat sidebar with the recent message
  • Fixed a bug that would stop hijack from launching if it only had a chat and one chapter.
  • Fixed a height bug where no title is fetched for back to intro section.
  • Fixed bug that caused hijack incorrectly fetch the background component when it wasn't required.


  • Hijack backend chat now scrolls to bottom as default when loading.
  • Hijack backend chat now scrolls to bottom when a new message is received / sent.
  • Auto selects the first thread in the list for a better UX
Content Flow
💌 Customise Content Flow email notifications

In the latest release (2.3.1) of Content Flow, you can now customise the emails that are sent as part of the process!

New Features

  • Added settings page quick link to plugin list
  • Added new settings tab "Emails" that adds a UI to configure email settings
  • Can now customise the topic & message of three of Content Flow's emails - more to follow.


  • Sometimes the front-page template would be selected for posts that were pending review
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities in package json.
  • Fixed bug where DS Store would cause headers sent error
  • Fixed bug where required scripts wouldn't be enqueued on the post-new.php page
  • Dashboard will no longer show 1/0 pages if there are no posts for that query


  • Opdated gulp & Webpack compilers to the latest version.
  • Now compiling dashboard js
  • Updated return type comments so they are inline with the methods return type
  • Content Flow dashboard option now displayed under super admin settings section title
  • Settings are now sanitized on save
Content Flow
Content Flow V2.2.0 - Dashboard Beta Release

It's Christmas come early! Content Flow now has a Content Dashboard that you can turn on from the settings panel that will show:

  • Content that you need to review
  • Content that requires your action
  • Quick access to other content you've been invited to edit!

Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 11.41.26.png

We're using this as a content to-do list, and we think this is really going to help more casual editors to understand what they need to be looking at - especially in sites with bigger numbers of pages and posts.

We'd love to know what you think!

Content Flow
Content Flow 2.1.1


  • You can now invite users to edit a post in Gutenberg, even if they don't have the permission to edit the posts post type
  • Moderators & invited post editors will no longer be switched to the post author on save
  • Fixed php type error in is_this_posts_moderator method when saving the customiser


Post approved & post rejected email can now be sent to invited editors, toggled via settings or a filter

Content Flow
🌊 Major Updates to Content Flow

There have been so many updates in such a short space of time, we've not been able to keep up. This changelog covers versions 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.6.3, 1.6.4, 1.6.5, 2.0.0 😱 2.0.1 and 2.1.0

So, yeah - lot's happened.

If you want the full breakdown of what happened, when - you can checkout the changelog on GitHub.

Most notably, Content Flow is completely re-written. It far more readable and maintainable. Oh and this is the first plugin to publicly adopt the plugin visual style created at SMILE.


  • Can now exclude users as moderators, useful when you want most users of a role to moderate but not all
  • Completely reimagined architecture, that will improve DX
  • Overhauled the settings page
  • CSS & JS are now compiled
  • Added filters for Content Flow emails (messages & topics)


  • Setting fields now spaced slightly more apart vertically
  • JS save functions now utilise async await
  • Added new saving icon, that is only removed after the async await content flow checks


  • Fixed bug that would prevent users from being able to delete a post if they had the capability
  • Fixed bug where users selected in "Users who can approve moderation" would not be seen as moderators
  • The homepage will no longer select the wrong template when it's sbc_pending
  • Fixes a bug where moderators would not be able to publish in Or mode, even if they selected skip
  • Prevent revert to draft notice from showing on save of a post
  • Users can now use the save as draft & save as pending core Gutenberg buttons
  • Renamed the ignored status filter added in 1.6.4
  • Fixed a few legacy bugs in classic editor
  • Allowed mods object now converted to array