Quality of life updates for Hijack - available now!

We've released version 2.7.0 of Hijack, bringing lots of minor enhancements. This release also paves the way for **monthly** releases to Hijack. **New Features** * Added new switch to skip the intro & go straight to chapter one if there is no intro video. * If there is only one chapter we no longer show the discover menu * Removed the return to intro if there is no intro or no Discover tab or there is only one chapter. * Q&A: Hijack backend chat now differentiates between global updates and regular chats. * Q&A: Added multiline comment support for backend chat * Q&A: Added popup for simple editing of a comment * Q&A: Added popup for adding global update (legacy editor be gone!) * Q&A: Added question search that searches children and parent questions and returns the parent in the sidebar * Q&A: Added the framework for filters and added an "Asked Today" filter **Bugfixes** * Controller will now use `transform` instead of `max-width`, when toggled, this fixes a bug that would cause the controller height to be visually smaller when toggled closed then back open. * Deleting messages now correctly updates the chat sidebar with the recent message * Fixed a bug that would stop hijack from launching if it only had a chat and one chapter. * Fixed a height bug where no title is fetched for back to intro section. * Fixed bug that caused hijack incorrectly fetch the background component when it wasn't required. **Improvement** * Hijack backend chat now scrolls to bottom as default when loading. * Hijack backend chat now scrolls to bottom when a new message is received / sent. * Auto selects the first thread in the list for a better UX