Content Flow 1.6

Hello, and welcome to our first ever changelog entry! [Content Flow]( has been through some big changes this year, bringing support for the Block Editor in WordPress (Gutenberg). Today, we're launching version 1.6 which comes with new features, enhancements and bugfixes! As this public change log is so new, we've actually rolled in the updates from 1.4 and 1.5 as they all dropped in the last month too. [We'd love to hear your feedback!]( ## New Features * Mandatory moderators - select a user (or multiple) that should always have to moderate posts! * Enable moderators to have their work moderated - Moderators write content too, so Moderators can now select another moderator to review their changes before they're published. * Skip Moderation toggle - If you have the power to publish, but you're editing a post where other modearors are set, you can now skip the moderation and publish your changes instantly. * OR support for moderation - Previously if multiple moderators were added to posts, all of them would have to approve the post in order for the post to be published. Now, Content Flow offers an option that allows publishing after only one moderator (if multiple are selected) * Added `user_can_moderate` as an improved version of `sbc_can_user_moderate` ## Enhancements * If you're a super admin, but not a moderator... You have no power here! Super admins that are not moderators will now be treated like the non-moderators they are. * Added an email alert if a moderator is added or removed from a post * We now remove the post moderator required notice when the user selects a moderator * Added measures to prevent users from manipulating the selected moderators list * If a moderator is removed from the moderation list of a post, their approval of the post will also be removed * The submit button text now describes the action that will be taken - Previously this could be confusing as clicking the button will not always publish or update the post * Classic editor now utilises the same functions as Gutenberg * Previously if the admin role was selected as a moderation role, users who were Super Admins (but not admins of the site) would be selectable from the moderation list. The user must now be an admin of the site they wish to be moderator on * We now only output the moderator btn class on content flow controlled posts * Owner comparison checks are now more strict ## Bugfix * When checking if the current user is a moderator in Javascript, it will now run a strict check on type * Sometimes selected moderators would be returned as a string and other times an int, we now loop all mods and convert them to an int. Which prevents comparisons from failing in the save logic. * Fixed publish button styles for non-moderators editing an existing post * Fixed some php warnings * Fixed bugs in `get_allowed_mods` function when requesting user IDs