🌀 Hijack 2.12.2 - 360 Video Overlay and Subtitles Fixes

Feature * 360 video & images now have a 360 icon. * Added default subtitles that will auto-select on video playback. Bugfix * Can now switch between 360 images without first closing the previous 360 image. * Pre, live & post links now display at the correct time. * 360 videos now show on top of social videos. * Sub-titles no longer overlap when the chapter / video changes. Improvement * Video controls on mobile now have their own bar, and no longer float in the middle of the video player. ![Hijack 360 overlay.png](BASE/products/125966129/changelog/11168/inline-9fb9d9f38e3d5e4ffe437a290adf6b78.jpg)